10 Best New Open World Games for Android 2020 [High Graphics]

Open world game is most played in the world because in open-world games we can do anything so in this post I will share with 10 best and some of the new Open World Games for Android with awesome graphics.

I will cover all types of game-like action, adventure, shooting, and survival. all games are available on play store and some of paid so if you don’t want to pay then find another way to download.

All of these games are best, I do a lot of research to find them so make sure read to till the end and share this post with your friends and social media.

Here the list of 10 best open-world games for android with high-end graphics in 2020.

  • Bright Memory Mobile
  • PUBG mobile
  • Evil lands
  • Life After
  • Dragon Raja
  • World War Heroes: WW2
  • Goat simulator
  • Bully: Anniversary edition
  • Nimian Legends: Brightright
  • Oceanhorn 2

1. Bright Memory Mobile

Bright Memory Mobile is open-world RPG adventure plus shooting game. this game has really amazing graphics but if you want to experience in high graphics than need a High-end Device.

The game starts with a story the main character can only survive in the research team all teammates are dead then the game will be started.

In-game you see a lot of other world creatures and animals and you fight with them and move ahead.

For self-defense, you have one assault rifle and one shotgun also, you have some unique power and sword.

The game length around 1 to 2 hours if you play fast or pro well game is paid so if want to download than link in below.

2. PUBG mobile

We all know PUBG is one of the popular games in android and ios. I already mention this game on Top 5 high graphics android games in 2020 if you don’t read please checkout.

PUBG is an open-world shooting and survival game, here you can play with your friends and online other players.

In pubg, many modes are available like Zombie mode, sniping mode, war mode, and many others. here a lot of weapons provide in the game to kill enemies.

PUBG mobile alternatives: Call of duty mobile, Fortnite and free fire.

3. Evil lands

Evil land is a decent action open-world RPG game, in this game you can fight with evils like sceletons also after some level there are boss fights are available.

Use your sword aginst your enemies and defeat him, game graphics are decent also game controls are good.

The game is freely available on play store if interested in some classic looking game the check this out Evil lands game.

4. Life After

Life after is one of the best open-world game, High graphics, great control, and gameplay make this game unique. basically, Life after a game is based on survival mode.

This game is online multiplayer so you can loot other players, and collect resources to survive and build own house.

Also, you can design wepons to protect from zombies and other animals or kill other players. also, you can drive a bike and cars, the game map is big so explore all areas and have fun.

5. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is developed by Archosaur games, the game is open-world RPG and story mode and Chinese fantasy game.

The game runs in very high graphics very realistic, in-game basically follow the storyline and complete the missions. the game provides you futuristic and advanced experience.

Thing is the game that is not released globally like in India and some other countries so use a VPN to download this game if the game not available in your country.

Download From: Tap Tap

6. World War Heroes: WW2

World war heroes game is based on world war 2 so here mainly focused in the game locations like Berlin and Germany country cites.

Mainly here limited guns because during ww2 has no more developed guns. you can see here Kar98k, Tomson like that.

Let’s talk about game graphics so graphics is great all the textures and objects are looking good and game sound when you fire is good like real if you want to experience in ww2 then go check it out and download.

Alternative game: Nobelmen:1896

7. Goat simulator

Goat simulator is an addictive and funniest game ever also this game has many parts are available on play store.

In-game you can do anything like kill the peoples, fast running, jump over the high buildings and many things because of its open-world game like GAT games.

Also, many of Goat characters are available you can choose one of them and play with it and each has unique ability use and fun with Goat.

8. Bully: Anniversary edition

Bully anniversary edition game is developed by a rockstar company and its open-world story and mission-based game.

Jimmy Hopkins is the main character of this game, the story of this game is based on a schoolyard like classrooms, play pranks, win or lose the girl and survive a year in the worst school around.

Here many missions to play with multiplayer or your friends. also, high-resolution textures, shadows, particle effects, and dynamic lighting so if you want to remember experience your shools days than play this game.

9. Nimian Legends: Brightright

Nimian Legends is an open-world fantasy adventure game. basically this game main characters are two one is boy second girl are you play one of them.

Here you run, swim and fly into sparkling waterfalls and rivers, disordered forests, sky-high hills, and ancient stockades. shape change into powerful dragons, flying eagles, quick-footed deer and more.

Here two modes one is an Adventure story mode and the Explore mode in Explore mode experience BrightRidge without quests or opponents.


10. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn one of the most popular game, after the success of the first part developers decide to make Oceanhorn 2 but this game now available for ios devices not android 😠.

Here in Oceanhorn 2 game improve graphics game controls story and main characters of oceanhorn Frenchies also new enemies and boss fights.

Download if you want to play part one of this game Ocenhorn and pre-resistor for Oceanhorn 2 on the TapTap.

If you enjoy playing these game make sure share this post with your friends and help them to play best Open World Games for Android.

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