How To Download Paid Games Free On Play Store

As a gamer are you want to play some premium and paid games but the question is you do not want to purchase or invest any money.

Keep reading this post” In this post, I share with you some tricks for how to download paid games free on play store and other platforms.

Read till to the end because in last of post I share with you trick if your paid game not found in any third-party app.

‘Without wasting time let’s start’

In list, some websites provide you direct games free and some of the apps through you will get paid games free.

Here 6 ways how to download paid games free on play store and android devices.

  • Downlaod Appvn and search your paid game free.
  • Downlaod Blackmart Alpha and get paid games.
  • Download the Aptoide app and get your premium game.
  • Go to and gain your paid games
  • Downlaod the TapTap app and search your games.
  • Search your paid games on google.

1. Appvn

Appvn is free paid apps and games providing App.

You can downlaod this app or directly go to the Appvn website.

In this app also, you can downlaod game mods and cracked versions of games and apps.

Also, you can downlaod games which are not available in your country, it’s great right.

As you can see I freely downlaod limbo game on Appvn without any paying money.

Limbo is a paid game on Play Store around ₹332.96 or $4.41 right.

Let’s discuss some pros. and cons. of this Appvn app.


  • Appvn has a quite easy and simple interface
  • Free to downlaod apps, games, eBooks, music, ringtones, comics and much more.
  • Provide all game versions like older and latest.


  • It does not provide all paid games on play store
  • Available on a few languages.

Downlaod Appvn

2. Blackmart Alpha

As per the name, this app is a black third-party play store alternative app.

In this app, you can also downlaod any paid game you want, just search any paid game.

We all know GTA: VC is one of the famous game in play store every games want to play.

But the game is not free on play store so you can downlaod free from Blackmart apk.


  • Downlaod any paid game free
  • All category apps and game are available


  • Apps contain Ads
  • Not all games are available

Downlaod: Blackmart Apk

3. Aptoide apk

Aptoide is another alternative app for Google play store.

You can downlaod any paid games and apps without paying some money.

Just you need to search your paid games and click the downlaod button to start.

First, you require to install Aptoid app on your android or ios mobile. you can’t downlaod from directly on the website.

For example, your game is Hitman Sniper which is paid in google play store.

So open the search bar and type your game and just click downlaod and enjoy it.


  • All games and apps free to downlaod
  • Including Multi-language
  • Downlaod Pause and Continue system.


  • Contains Ads

Downlaod: Aptoid apk

4. is one of the trusted website for downlaod paid games and apps.

Also, you can downlaod game Mods and much more.

As you can see the GAT: Chinatown wars paid on play store and AppStore.

But the problem is limited paid game and mode are available on this website.


  • Free to downlaod any game.
  • Website load fast and secure
  • Downlaod Speed is good


  • Website contains Ads
  • Limited

Go to:

5. TapTap app

TapTap is a Chinese app and game store.

In this app, you can downlaod paid apps and games also, pre-register upcoming games.

This is one of the favorite game for mine because here you can downlaod any game and apps which is not available in your country.

just search your game in this app or you can downlaod from the website.


  • Downlaod any paid game and apps free
  • Pre-resister upcoming game
  • Discover a new games
  • Available all games which is not found in Play Store


  • A few languages includes

6. Direct search on Google

Here the tricks if any your favorite paid games or apps not found in any third-party apps.

Just go to and types as per my suggestion and click any top 10 website.

Also, you can type your own method but this trick helps you to get one-click any paid game and apps.

After searching just click any top 4 or 3 results and downlaod from that website because it provides genuine downlaod link.


So in this post, I cover 6 effective ways to get paid games free.

If your game is not available on this method then you go the last listed trick which is the searching method.

Now your duty to share this post with your friends and gaming groups to help them to find paid games free.

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