How To Download 4K Videos From Youtube On Mobile

After Youtube v14.13.54 update they removed 720p and 1080p even 4k resolution on the youtube app so after this, you are not able to watch videos on 720p and 1080p. Now the question is how to download 4k videos from youtube on mobile or how to watch 4k on youtube mobile?

If you Youtube prime member then you have options to watch 4K videos but what if you are not? or you don’t want to become Youtube prime member then you have some queries.

Here’s the solution I share with you 2 amazing tricks and tips that help you to watch 4k youtube videos on your mobile its doesn’t matter you have android or ios.

All the tricks are genuinely and 100% workable make sure you follow as same my suggestion, without any further due let’s begin.

2 Effective ways to download 4k videos from youtube on mobile

  • Download Vidmate Apk
  • Watch videos in Chrome Browser on Desktop version

No.1 Download Vidmate Apk

We all know vidmate is one of the popular app among us. World wild around 500M+ download in the android and ios devices. vidmate allows you to watch or download videos on 4k, 1080p, 720p, and other screen resolutions.

Here I explain step by step how to download 4k videos from youtube on mobile and watch. It’s not rocket science anyone can do that with a two-step process.

Step:1 Download Vidmate app

Vidmate is officially not available on google play store so you need to download this app from other third parties’ websites or apps. Here I give you a download link for you so you don’t need to go anywhere, sounds good.

Download: Vidmate

Step:2 Go Youtube and copy the link address or click the share button your 4k video.

After download vidmate, you need to find your 4k videos on youtube which are you want to download or watch with 1080p and 4k resolution.

download 4k videos from youtube on mobile

Now simply copy link address or share directly particular videos on vidmate it will redirect with vidmate downlaod page. And select a 4k option and click the download button.

Another good thing is if your downloading in case stop or pauses any reason then you don’t need to download new, it will start where you stop. Bytheway are you want to know How To Download Whatsapp Status Video From Whatsapp with help of Vidmate app.

No.2 Watch videos in Chrome Browser on Desktop version

The second method is simple and you don’t need to download any other apps or software because the latest generation smartphone already comes with a chrome Browser.

Here the full process to follow and you are able to watch all youtube videos on 4k and other better resolutions. The problem is you don’t downlaod this 4k videos on your mobile, it’s only for a watching.

Step:1 Go Youtube app and copy your 4k video link.

Now simply copy your favorite youtube video which are you want to watch in 4k or other resolutions, make sure your video already uploaded with 4k resolutions or supported.

Step:2 Active Desktop version on chrome browser

After you copied link now time to convert your mobile into the computer just kidding, open 3 dots on chrome and click on Desktop Site and search youtube in google. Then paste your video link on the youtube search bar.

download 4k videos from youtube on mobile

Click the setting button and select 4k or other resolutions here we go you can watch your videos on 4k. Share these 2 tricks with your friends who want to watch 4k and 2k videos from youtube on mobile.

download 4k videos from youtube on mobile
download 4k videos from youtube on mobile

Also, let me know in the comment box if you have any other solution or tricks, for our readers and buddies.

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