God Punch Idle Defense Game Review And Download For Android

Recently launched God Punch Idle Defense Game for android and ios devices so I gonna write a review about this game on this post.

God Punch Idle Defense game review is based on some parameters like Graphics and sound, Gameplay and User interface, the Replay value and Overall Review of the God Punch Idle Defense Game.

In this post, I discuss inside detail about the game all important factors and is game worth for download?

Without any further due Let’s begin

God Punch Idle Defense Game Review

God Punch Idle Defense Game Review

1. Game play and User interface

Honestly, I never see like this game before. The game started with a fundamental story, in the starting, there was Abyss the confusion and gain the order. Gain took the balance of the universe upon the might of Abyss with the control of the five elements.

One time Abyss sealed away the five elemental potential of Gaia. As Gaia grew light, the balance of the universe started to crumble. To defend the region of the order, planet, Gaia built a godling zero and allowed him powers so this is the story of the game.

The game Interface like Clash Royale, the interesting thing is the game always starts when you open the game it never stops. also in-game many modes and challenges are available.

God Punch Idle Defense Game Review
User Interface

Also, the game comes with different planets like Frozen Planet, Forest Planet, and many others. Even you can collect the reward from the core planet discovered. In the last of a particular planet, your fight with huge intergalactic bosses so it’s difficult when you face the first time.

God Punch Idle Defense Game Review

2. Graphics and Sound

This game size is around 106 MB so you don’t expect high-end graphics, well the graphics and texture are average. The game sound is extremely great. In-game you can not select graphics level like other PUBG and other games. If you have an HDR10 or Amoled panel on your smartphone then graphics look awesome.

3.Replay Value

God Punch: Idle Defense has unlimited replay value because you can play as you can. the game has a level system like other games so you can upgrade your gods and mini gods for better performance and finish the enemy planets. the game some time crush when you playing it may be fixed on upcoming update on this is the bug of God Punch: Idle Defense.

God Punch Idle Defense Game Review

4. Overall

This game is fully addictive. I personally recommend you play this game because in-game you don’t do anything the game runs autopilot, yes you heard right. the game direct download link is given below if you interested then go check out on play store and AppStore.

Game Features

  •  Ultimate Skills
  • Gears: Equip the most powerful helmets
  • Mini Gods: Discover over 50 Mini Gods
  • Rebirth
God Punch: Idle Defense
God Punch: Idle Defense
Developer: goGame
Price: Free+

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