10 Best Truck Simulator Game For Android In 2020

If you work on the contraction places or love to work on an as part of building construction you may love the driving Trunk.

So as your demand I gonna share with you some of the best trunk simulator games for android.

Some of games are free and a few games are Paid, but do you want to know how to donwload paid games free?

I reveal secret on this last of post section so keep read till to the end.

Also, I add some bonus trunk driving games for you in last part of this post so don’t miss.

I include in this post the best trunk games on the play store.

Because lots of trunk simulators are games available on play store.

Is it all are the playable or enjoyable? Not Right.

Also, you are wasting your data on the garbage games per day.

If yes leave a comment with “yeah you right“.

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So here I come with the best truck simulator games for you.

Without any further due Let’s begin

Here the list of best truck simulator game for android in 2020.

  • Truck Simulator 2018: Europe
  • Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)
  • Truck Simulator USA
  • Truck Simulator PRO Europe
  • Truck Simulator PRO 2
  • Truck Simulator Off-road 4
  • Truck Simulation 16
  • Truck Simulation 19
  • Truck World: Euro & American Tour
  • Euro Truck Driver 2018

No.10 Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is gives you an outstanding driving experience.

I personally played this game many times.

In-game at a starting you can select your avatar and company name as like some other games.

Here you play in different environment like monsun, summer and so others.

Also, you can enjoy Lighting stickers when you drive in monsun, its great adventure right.

As other games you can select FPP and TPP for better exposure.

The game has a reward system when you complete the delivery you get a Money.

Here many modifications available you can do with your trunks. The game comes with a radio so if you music lover then you”ll love this game.

Also, game graphics are extremely great and sound is very good.

Game Features and Details.

  • 13 Amazing Trucks
  • 250+ radio stations
  • Realistic Interiors
  • 60+ Challenging level
  • Easy controls
  • Size: 150Mb
  • Installs: 50,000,000+
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

So if you are an interested in this game, check out download link is given below.

Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe
Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe
Developer: Zuuks Games
Price: Free+

No.9 Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

Euro Truck Evolution is one of the popular game on play store.

In-game you can select many jobs from Warehouse for as a trunk driver.

This games comes with european trucks including lots of customizations, this truck simulator delivers an impressive driving experience.

Its make you feel like driving real trucks. Right|

You can travel across various countries from Europe and visit wonderful places like Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Rome and more.

Play the career mode in this game and make money, buy new trucks and upgrade.

Also, you can play with your friend in online multiplayer mode, Sounds like good, Right.

Game Features and Details.

  • 20+ realistic cities
  • Easy controls
  • Realistic weather conditions
  • Controller Support
  • 12 European trucks
  • Size: 254Mb
  • Installs: 50,000,000+
Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)
Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

No.8 Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA game provide you a drive across America.

In this game you play with an 18 Wheeler truck it feels like awesome.

Truck Simulator USA offers you to a real trucking experience that will help you explore amazing locations.

The game features various semi truck brands, with genuine engine sounds and complete interiors.

You can transport calm stuff such as vehicles, gravel, gasoline, food, and many more.

Even, you can play online multiplayer mode in this game.

Also, you stop your truck engine anywhere and walk around the road like open world game.

Game Features and Details.

  • Different climate locations
  • Realistic Engine Sounds
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Weather system
  • Size: 169Mb
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
Truck Simulator USA
Truck Simulator USA
Developer: Ovidiu Pop
Price: Free+

No.7 Truck Simulator PRO Europe

Truck Simulator Pro Europe is the most advanced truck driving game.

In-game you can play with 8 different truck also, its costmizeble with you requires.

Here you can improve engines, wheels and other parts to work quicker and more productive.

This game not make you bore because you can perform hundreds of different journeys and missions.

Truck Simulator Pro Europe is paid on the play store if you want to download this game free make sure read our this post.

Game Features and Details.

  • 18 European cities
  • Open world to explore
  • Fatigue system
  • Open world 
  • Size: 718Mb
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • Paid
Truck Simulator PRO Europe
Truck Simulator PRO Europe

Before I move into the best truck simulator games you may like to read our other helpful post-Best WWE Games For Android.

No.6 Truck Simulator PRO 2

Truck Simulator PRO 2 is the bigger and better version of Truck Simulator PRO Europe.

In-game carefully designed ramps, huge road junctions and bridges as well as more diversified journeys amongst hills, valleys, and swamps.

Also, you can explore half of the USA’s roadways and tour 10 big cities.

Like Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Helena, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, El Paso, Albuquerque, San Diego.”OMG

The game appears with a fuel consumption systems it means you need to fill up fuel every time.

Also, you need to plan the route carefully and handle every phase of your work to transport freight on time.

In-game you can drive with 8 fully customizable trucks with many driving models.

Even, you can customize different parts of your trucks like wheels, spoilers, gearbox, wings, fenders, bullhorns, exhaust system and so on.

Game Features and Details.

  • 10 big cities
  • Open world 
  • Realistic fuel consumption
  • Detailed interior
  • Size: 416Mb
  • Installs: 50,000+
Truck Simulator PRO 2
Truck Simulator PRO 2
Price: $5.99+

No.5 Truck Simulator OffRoad 4

Truck Simulator OffRoad 4 is part 4 of the Off-Road game series.

If you want to drive truck outside the road this game is for you.

you can drive your trucks into the challenging routes and enjoy the awesome environment, Specially in the middle of the forest.

When you are playing this game you will see the ads with scene loadings while the level fails, restarts or completes just skip if you don’t want to watch video ads.

Game Features and Details.

  • 1080p Full HD graphics
  • 24 free levels
  • Real truck engine sounds
  • Extreme trucks 
  • Size: 142Mb
  • Installs: 10,000,000+

No.4 Truck Simulation 16

Truck Simulation 16 is the next generation and real experience provider trucks game.

In-game you will supply contracts across a huge road tracks in Western and Central Europe.

Different mission types, from standard orders to the transportation of dangerous goods, give plenty of variety.

The road tracks cover vast parts of Central and Western Europe and, with more than 20 cities containing realistic landmarks.

Truck Simulation 16 is a paid game so if don’t know how to download paid games free just go upper of this post.

Game Features and Details.

  • Huge road tracks
  • More than 20 cities
  • 9 realistic trucks
  • Size: 364Mb
  • Installs: 100,000+
TruckSimulation 16
TruckSimulation 16

No.3 Truck Simulation 19

Truck Simulation 19 is free to play truck driving Simulation game free version of TS 16 game.

You can transport cargo with original trucks in a huge open world across the United States.

Also, you can Hire drivers, purchase new trucks and expand the firm to become the state’s most successful dock.

In a new update of this game, you will discover the Western Township with 7 new cities and play in new challenging Story missions.

This simulator game features extremely detailed truck models and every truck comes with 3 different cabs.

In-game all trucks are decorated with functional lights, air horns, cruise control, and indicators. Experience a lively world with AI traffic, day/night period and various weather situations.

Game Features and Details.

  • Open world
  • Original trucks
  • Hire drivers
  • Earn bonus points
  • Size: 791Mb
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
Truck Simulation 19
Truck Simulation 19

No.2 Truck World: Euro & American Tour

Truck World: Euro & American Tour is one of the popular truck world games.

You can hire for a driver in a shipping company and interact with heroes and other characters with their own marvelous stories.

In-game you can explore unimaginable places, take on interesting missions, carry cargo, build up experience, discover new European and American popular-brand trucks.

Also, you can drive 16 famous trademarks of cargo trucks, the most strong cargo vehicles on the road, nearby Europe and deliver merits.

You’ll enjoy the new track simulator featuring mysterious cargo transportation missions on roads.

Game Features and Details.

  •  3D simulator
  • Story and missions
  • American brands & cities
  • Size: 145Mb
  • Installs: 500,000+

No.1 Euro Truck Driver 2018

Euro Truck Driver – 2018 is the best truck simulator game ever.

It provides you to experience next-gen graphics, outstanding features, and realistic trucking plots.

This Euro Truck Simulator features various truck brands, with realistic engine sounds and developed huge interiors.

Here you can drive over Europe, transport material from a city to another and explore the astonishing Open World map.

Also, you play with your friends in the Online Multiplayer mode, some of the few best truck simulator game provide you this mode.

Game Features and Details.

  • Large Open World Europe Map
  • Desert, Snow and Mountain
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Dynamic Weather system
  • Size: 284Mb
  • Installs: 5,000,000+
Euro Truck Driver 2018
Euro Truck Driver 2018
Developer: Ovidiu Pop
Price: Free+

Bonus Time“.

Now as I told you about the bonus best truck simulator game in above the post so grab your Extra truck simulator games.


So these are the best truck simulator game for an android let me know you in comment which games are you want to download or install. also, write your suggestion for upcoming best games for android and Feedback.

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