10 Best RPG Adventure Games For Android [offline] In 2020

Adventure games are generally the most addictive and enjoyable games so today I gonna share with you 10 best RPG adventure games for android devices. All the RPG games for android are offline so you don’t need any internet connection or wifi.

These games some of free and others paid. Bytheway do you want to know how to download paid games free on the play store?

RPG games mostly arrive with great storylines, action, and adventure. let me known in the comment box if you have any other RPG game on your smartphone. Now without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Here the list of 10 Best RPG Adventure Games For Android: Offline In 2020

  • Dawnbringer
  • Dynamons World
  • Dungeon Quest
  • I, Gladiator
  • Nonstop Knight – Offline Idle RPG Clicker
  • Rich Girl Mall – Shopping Game
  • Oceanhorn
  • Mechanic Max
  • Arcane Quest Legends – Offline RPG
  • Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG

No.10 Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer is based on the demon-infested region of Mourngard. In-game you can examine the ruins of a deserted world. Venture into the most secret prisons and defeat a cruel demon crowd in this huge fantasy adventure.

The game story was two brothers in struggle. in-game you desire towards the world of Mourngard, your beautiful wings burn to ash. You and your brother are unconscious of the cataclysmic effects you are about to spark.

Also, this game is an open-world fantasy adventure. you need to use your best skills on swipe combat.

Developer: Kiloo
Price: Free+

No.9 Dynamons World

Dynamons World is a monster catch and train game. This game is similar to pokemon go game also, the game is especially for toddlers and kids.

In-game you can explore over an open world hunting for the unique and most powerful monsters. Also, you can play Online Battle Arena mode and battle with your friends and players global in PvP multiplayer battles.

Dynamons World contains brand new maps, infinite battles, and a marvelous and unpredictable story. Now if you pokemon go player than you’ll like this game.

Dynamons World
Dynamons World
Developer: Kizi Games
Price: Free+

No.8 Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is the RPG Quest game. You have complete control over the feature of the shadows in the options menu and the game allows you to Recover your unpopular Legend and above items in return for Crafting Dirt.

In-game you can be featuring randomized loot, dynamically created dungeons, and 4 bits each with their own legendary boss expecting. you explore unlimited floors of frequently difficult enemies while getting the best items likely while fighting with your friends.

Also, you can choose your favorite character like Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with extremely customization weapons and armor to help destroy the elemental demons disturbing the land. There are always new ways to defeat your enemies.

Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Developer: Shiny Box, LLC
Price: Free+

No.7 I, Gladiator

I, Gladiator is a multi-award-winning fighting RPG game. The game allows an almost too real experience of a extremely gladiatorial combat.

The game is not simple, that you think. You would need to be intelligent as well as strong, work out a strategy for every level, use the environment to your support, notice and use enemy’s tendencies.

Free movement 3D Warfare with an automatic control system allowing for different tactics and combos. you can fight with multiple enemies at the same time, each with a different combat style.

Here you select a tremendous inventory of different wepons and armor at your armory. You may also pick up or borrow a fresh one at the arena’s workshop and re-arm yourself while the battle.

No.6 Nonstop Knight – Offline Idle RPG Clicker

Nonstop Knight – Offline Idle RPG Clicker is a fantasy roleplaying game with both action and offline idle RPG game components. The never-ending action RPG Nonstop Knight is full of adventure while poking through the prison quest.

In-game you enjoy Idle with heroes in continuous adventures, hunt for epic loot. Take the offline idle RPG adventure while your hero earns prizes and booties even while you’re taking a break. Sounds amazing right.

You don’t need an Internet connection, discover new powers for your hero to unleash epic action skills in battle. Dungeon crawler now provided with events and boss hunts. Also, you can collect pets in this pet collector RPG game.

No.5 Rich Girl Mall – Shopping Game

Rich Girl Mall – Shopping Game is specially made for girls, the game is not only for girls if you boy and are you interested in this kind of game then definitely play.

Some of our readers are girls so it’s my responsibility to add a few games about girls’ favorite. Now time to live a life of luxury and have fun with your most stylish multimillionaire buddies, Buy ‘til you leave at the super classy fashion mall, and get dressed up by your pretty own private stylist.

In-game you can customize everything you need and Grab the fashion contest experts and score wonderful rewards as you walk the runway. Also, you can enjoy your favorite theme, from Cocktail Party, to Movie Premiere over here.

No.4 Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn is one of my favorite game ever because the game come with a tremendous storyline and much more inside the game.

In-game you explore the islands of Undiscovered Seas, a world stuffed with many dangers, difficulties, and mysteries. Fight beasts, learn to use spells and find old treasures that will help you on your journey.

Use all your smartness and ability to disclose the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea beast Oceanhorn. Oceanhorn gives you captivating storytelling, exciting gameplay, and breathtaking 3D visuals into one huge action-adventure event you will never forget.

Oceanhorn ™
Oceanhorn ™

No.3 Mechanic Max

Mechanic Max is mainly developed for kids who want to become a car mechanic, I am joking. Your broke and dirty car will be like new again with unlimited supply, you can change your car into a racing car, taxi, ambulance, fire engine, and many more.

In-car wash you have to brush your rusty car with soap and a sponge first. Then you clean it with a car washer and drain it with a cloth in the finish.

In the workshop, weld sheet metal and fix all scratches, injuries, and dents. Your car has a query with dull tires too. Pump them full of air and then also charge up the blank tank with gas similar you do at the gas station.

Mechanic Max - Kids Game
Mechanic Max - Kids Game
Developer: FM by Bubadu
Price: Free+

No.2 Arcane Quest Legends – Offline RPG

Arcane Quest Legends is an action-packed RPG Hack & Slash and fighting game. Your fight with endless crowds of orcs, immortal, devils and all kinds of terrifying monsters.

In-game, complete lots of primary and lateral quests, relax yourself with mini-games to occur the action, hire the best partner to join in this great adventure.

The game has a beautiful 3D visuals moving across the Kingdom of Auria. Also, the game does not need any internet connection, even you can collect loot and upgrade your outfit.

Here many standard character levels, build your personal hero according to your favorite style like warrior, wizard, ranger, or mix it up it’s up to you.

No.1 Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG

Ravensword: Shadowlands is bringing unique visuals to the RPG and adventure games. you can explore a huge and largely detailed world, collect powerful weapons, assemble hundreds of items, improve your abilities, and follow a long storyline to solve the mysteries of the empire of Tyreas.

You can play as a First-Person and 3rd Person on the pop-up switching. Equipe various weapons like Bows, Knives, Crossbows, Sticks, Swords, Axes and more.

Here you face tons of enemy varieties including huge ancient creatures. even you can choose your own horses, customizable characters, and tonnes of loot.


These are the best RPG adventure games for android let me known in the comment box your favorite RPG adventure game. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and buddies to help them for finding the best RPG games for android. If I miss any best RPG game?

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