15 Best Offline Games Under 100mb For Android [2020]

So are you looking for offline games under 100mb for android or ios. in this post I will share with you 15 best offline games under 100mb.

I will cover all categories of games like adventure, action, RPG even horror, and all of it is new and updated. the reason for you are searching under 100mb games is your ram is low like 1GB or your storage if full. And read the full article I add some bonus offline games in last don’t forget to check.

here the list of 15 Best Offline Games Under 100mb For Android.

  • Trials Frontier
  • Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing
  • Cut the Rope 2
  • Happy Wheels
  • Roll the Ball
  • Johnny Trigger
  • Traffic Rider
  • 100 Door challenge
  • Woodturning
  • Evil Nun: Scary Horror
  • Payback 2
  • Hungry shark evolution
  • Bruce Lee: Enter The Game
  • Paper Plane Planet
  • Farming Simulator 14
  • My Diggy Dog

1. Trials Frontier

Trials frontier is a bike racing game, in-game you ride bike over the mountains and off roads.

Feature of this game


Game graphics are good and the game controller is easy to use if you like bike riding then definetly play this game.

2. Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

This game is one of the addictive bike racing game ever you can stunt while your bike or cycle in the air.

Also, 100+ Beautiful hill tracks are available for all styles of riding and 80+ Clothing items for your driver and MTB bike that make the game awesome and a good experience.

The game is paid if you interested in this game do check below link and enjoy the game.

3. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the rope 2 is a full addictive game basically, this game is based on many different levels to Cut the Rope and put candies in the mouth of a frog.

Each level is harder than others so use your brain logic and finish all level game download links is given below.

4. Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a sideways-scrolling and physics-based game, one of the cool things is when you play this game you don’t control your laughing because the game is very funny and addictive.

Here you choose any characters and play with them no need to unlock first, there are 5 to 6 characters available.

Also, you face some hardest challenges during playing levels you don’t think it’s easy to complete but use logic and win the race.

•60 unique and challenging levels
•Deadly obstacles: spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and much more
•Smooth and realistic

5. Roll the Ball

Roll the ball is maze and gridlock puzzle game in this game basically move the sliding tiles and unblock a way for the steel ball to roll to the exit.

This game is so addictive because here many levels are available to play one by one and each of them difficult than the previous.

6. Johnny trigger

Johnny’s trigger is the best game for kids because the game main character is like a kid. in-game you need to finish enemies in your way and go to destiny.

The game is most popular on play store over the 50M+ downloads. so if you want to play johnny trigger go check out the download link.

7. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is a First-person camera view bike racing game. there is no timer no fuel and unlimited ridding.

Here 29 motorbikes to choose one of them and 70+ playable missions and the good thing is in-game bike sound is recorded from real bikes so it provides real bike experience.

Okay, let me tell you about the graphics, here graphics are decent and the game controller is comfortable with any devices so if you don’t play these types of games go ahead and enjoy the ridding.

8. 100 Door challenge


100 door challenge is a logical and puzzle game. here 100 door means 100 levels to finish and get the wonder-full achievement.

Search hidden objects and combine them to help open a door also, nine beautiful and specific locations available.

The main purpose is to escape the room using your logic and circumstances and solve puzzles and use items to do this. also, the game contains ads so its bad news.

9. Woodturning

Woodturning game is the simulator to cut, polish and paint the wood. this game is newly released on play store and over the 10M+ downloads achieved.

If you interested in woodcutting and painting games then go check out and download woodturning games.

10. Evil Nun

Evil nun is the Scary Horror Escapade game, basically in-game you need to find out the way to escape from school. if you are a kid or your age is below 12 then don’t download this game.

Over the 10,000,000+ downloads of this game so it’s pretty horror game where you can hide from nun and protect yourself.

Farm or parking area is good for using hiding places so solve a given puzzle and escape from evil and survival school good luck.

Before jump is to our next Offline Games Under 100mb for android read our recommended articles about more gaming

11. Payback 2

Payback 2 is open-world racing and tank battles game. game graphics are not good but game size also 100mb so don’t expect high-end graphics.

But gameplay is good and game controller is pretty decent in-game you kill anyone you want and fight with policeman and other human begins.

So if you want to games like GTA than go check this game and enjoy the game link is given below.

12. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry shark evolution game is based on killing people surfing in beach and ocean animals like turtles small fish and many others to increase your shark health.

The game provides you to explore a beautiful underwater world experience and more.

Also in-game many sharks available to play with them but first you need to unlock so if you want to kill people in game-like shark then download Hungry Shark Evolution and enjoy.

13. Bruce lee enter the game

This game is one of the addictive and funny game on the play store. in-game main character is bruce lee and we all know bruce lee is kungfu master.

The game is a 2D animation fighting based but verry funny because bruce lee voice when he kicks other is very funny you don’t control you laughing.

Also, the gameplay is good so if you want to fight like bruce lee then download this game and play like a pro kungfu master.

14. Paper Plane Planet

When we are kids we make lots of paper planes in our schools and homes so this game is based on this concept.

Fly your plane as much as possible longer distance and make the record, use given tornado in-game for boosting plane speed and more traveling.

The game is unique also you can upgrade your plane throwing speed and more so if you want to recoil your past memory? I know you want then download this game.

15. Farming Simulator 14

If you want to become a good and professional farmer or experience like doing farming or agricultural work and drive a tractor than this game is for you.

Here you can farm seeds, cutting plants and do everything you want like a farmer also you sell your product and earn money for perches farming vehicles and equipment to help you grow your farming.

So this is the 15 best Offline Games Under 100mb for android if you want to play any games then make sure to share this blog post with your friends who find these types of games.

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